Buoyed by the wave of anti-refugee hysteria, Central European extreme right wing groups join an international network, controlled from Russia

17. 9. 2015

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The extreme right wing Czech organisation "Národní demokracie" (National Democracy), which is supported by the controversial Czech website Parlamentní listy, has published its "Action Plan: Solving the migration crisis". It demands the creation of paramilitary volunteer units which would "defend the Czech border" along with the Czech police and the army. It also demands that Czech politicians, journalists and public figures who "encourage imigration or approve of it" be investigated for high treason. All human rights organisations which "act against the interests of the Czech Republic" should be closed down. All refugees must be sent to high security internment camps and deported.

It is evident that the authors of this "Action Plan" feel greatly encouraged by the current wave of anti-refugee rhetoric which they hope will raise them into powerful political positions in the Czech Republic. It is a mystery why the Czech police do not act against this and other similar extreme right wing organisations, says the Britské listy analyst Karel Dolejší. He continues:

"It is particularly worrying that Národní demokracie has become a member of an international anti-liberal extreme right wing organisation, which has an armed section and is controlled from Russia. Apart from Národní demokracie, two other Czech extreme right wing organisations, the neo-Nazi Generace identity (The Identity Generation) and Dělnická strana sociální spravedlnosti (The Workers Party for Social Justice) are also members as are two Slovak extreme right wing organisations. HERE is the list of members.

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