A refugee held in a Czech prison: Please let me go, I will die here

12. 11. 2015

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This is a letter written by a refugee, held in the Czech detention centre of Drahonice, where inmates are on hunger strike: "I have been here for three months after I have been arrested on a train. I have not done anything bad, I was just travelling through your country. I am en route to Germany, but the police has confiscated everything I had. And on top of that, you want 124 us dollars from me. I respect your rules, but it took 15 days for my personal effects to be found and now, after three months, the police is wanting to send me to Hungary. But Hungary will not accept me. I do not understand why after three months of being held here I still do not have my papers, although I was just transiting through your country. I really do respect your rules and your country. But I am not an animal, I am a human being, why am I locked up here? I do not want to stay here, I am trying to reach France, please, let me go. I will die here. Here I am still alive. The police has arrested me, but I am a good person. I will not go back to Pakistan, my enemies are there, if I returned, they would kill me. Maybe it would be better for me if you killed me now. I have been here for three months and you are constantly checking me, but I have not done anything. I have been living this simple life for three months, I respect your rules, but why are you holding me? Please let us go and when we are free, we will go to another country, we will not stay here and we will not come back. Please."

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