Bolsonaro viciously attacks female journalist saying she wants to let him inside her "anal hole"

28. 2. 2020 / Fabiano Golgo

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Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro spent 2 days in silence about sharing on WhatsApp two videos and one banner calling the population to protest against the Congress and the Supreme Court. After sharing the convocations that allude to an army putsch that would give Bolsonaro full dictator powers, he was severely criticised by dozens of authorities.

Finally, Thursday, on a live streaming on Facebook, with an evidently embarrassed female sign-language translator by his side, Bolsonaro addressed the controversy. He claimed that one of the videos was actually from 2015, which, in his view, made the whole affair just "fake news".

According to him, this specific video called for a street protest that was in the same day, March 15th, but three years before he became president. However, he did not explain how is it possible that a video done years before he became president showed images of him with the presidential sash! Nor how the video could talk about him almost being killed, if the knife attack happened in 2018... Not to mention that on March 15th 2015 there was no such protest.

Thus, he lied like a child.

He did so without any respect for logic, profitting from the current Orwellian reality, where facts are no longer taken seriously.

Plus, his explanation is rather absurd, because he also published yet another video and a banner that openly says that "the Generals are waiting for the call from the streets".

After shamelessly lying about the video, Bolsonaro started viciously  attacking the journalist who wrote the first article about him breaking the Constitution obligations of a president. Vera Magalhães, a renowned politics commentator, works for a respected and openly conservative right-wing newspaper, O Estado de São Paulo. She had already been the victim of thousands of threats from Bolsonaro supporters after publishing the article, and denounced that her daughters had to be away from their school since that day because children from parents who support Bolsonaro, as well as some teachers, started to bully them, accusing them of being communists because their
mother published a criticism of the president's anti-constitutional act.

Bolsonaro repeated an attack he had made against another female journalist, and said that Vera actually wanted to give him her anal hole, in a word-play with the jargon expression used in Brazil to refer to breaking news ("furo", which means hole, which is the word used vulgarly to refer to the anus).

The journalist, who is over 40 and married, reacted saying that his disrespect for the family values he claims to defend was made even more evident with this cowardly televised attack, in which the president also repeated 3 times a very primitive mistake in the Portuguese language. He used the verb "botar", which means "to put" in a conjugation that every child on 2nd grade has already learned is wrong: "botado". Instead, the correct word that should have been used is a conjugation of "por", which also means "to put": "posto". Or the verb "colocar", declined as "colocado". The use of the word "botado" is generally common among illiterate people.

Bolsonaro was reacting to the humongous wave of criticism he received from all authorities in the country after he asked his followers to go out into the streets March 15th to ask "the generals" to rescue the country from the "blackmailing" he claims to be victim of, coming from the Congress and the Supreme Court. What he is referring to is the fact that the parliament has not passed yet his laws lifting all protections for the Amazon and its indigenous people, plus the change in student's cards, an act he did to take away all funds from studentunions. And his decrees suspending all traffic violations radars was suspended by the Supreme Court, after the immediate result of an increase of 72% in road accidents made clear how damaging the lack of radars are in a country where people drive chaotically and with little regard for the rules.

Bolsonaro, who drives a motorcycle even though his driver's license expired in 2014, has also more than 4 thousand euros in unpaid fines for traffic violations. Because he was a Member of Parliament and now  is president of the Republic, he can't be persecuted, thus the fines cannot be collected. He also owes for environmental violations, such as fishing in forbidden areas and throwing trash into the water.

He continued his rant attacking all women for "provoking men and then not wanting to take a beating for their disrespect" and adding that he is not "a MeToo" supporter, so that Vera should be careful to not get near him, implying he would beat her up!

The Brazilian president also threatened the media, saying that those who write negativelly about the government cannot expect him to see their licenses renewed. Recently, he answered a female reporter, who asked about the increase five-fold in personal presidential expenses, saying "if you were not so ugly, I would fuck you and then you would not ask me such unpleasant questions". To a male reporter who inquired about a previous controversy, Bolsonaro answered "you look like a homosexual, so I will not answer you". In another situation, he said he would not rape (!!!) a specific leftist politician because she "is too ugly and has no tits".

It seems that Neanderthals were not wiped out of Earth, as we believed. Some specimens have survived and are now in power in countries like Brazil, United States, Russia, Hungary, Poland, the Phillipines, Turkey and so on.



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