Brazilian prince, heir to country's 19th century emperor, allies with Bolsonaro in convocation to protests to close the Parliament

28. 2. 2020 / Fabiano Golgo

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Luiz Philippe of Orléans-Braganza, great-grandson of Dom Pedro II, the last Emperor of Brazil, who almost became Jair Bolsonaro's
vice-president (minutes before the announcement, doubts about the prince's sexuality led to changing him for General Hamilton Mourão),
has officially manifested his support for the president's request for the population to go out to the streets March 15th to ask for "the
generals" to close the Parliament and the Supreme Court, allowing Bolsonaro to "do what the people elected him for".


The prince spent the last few months, after it was leaked the reason why he missed the opportunity of being chosen as Bolsonaro's running
mate, trying to prove he is not homosexual and also that he is not the person in a video that shows someone in front of his house beating up
a homeless with a baseball bat (an object that is rare in Brazil, because there is no baseball at all in the country; the prince grew up
ad lived until 2001 in the United States).

The prince was elected federal deputy for the same Congress he is asking the population to request to be closed. He was elected by
promoting the creation of a new Constitution, along the lines of the Brazilian Constitution of 1824, in which monarchy is the form of

The prince declared "the most important thing is for the population to stand against Congress, because none of the elected deputies or
Senators had more than a few hundred thousand votes, while Bolsonaro had 57 million, so his wishes are the only ones we really need to
listen to".

According to the politician with nobility roots, if the Parliament will not be stopped, then it will impeach Bolsonaro. He claims that
"the Congress is plotting behind-the-scenes to create the atmosphere for an impeachment of the president, so it is necessary to act first,
before they do it". He concluded that the protests of March 15th are Bolsonaro's self-defense strategy.



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