Czech police have charged a pensioner who has committed "muslim" terrorist attacks

28. 2. 2018

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Czech police have charged a 70-year-old Czech pensioner with causing two train accidents in the Mladá Boleslav area last year. In both instances, the man cut down a tree which fell onto a railway track. In both instances, trains running on these lines collided with the trees.

The police found messages in Arabic, written in Latin script, at both crime scenes. It was subsequently discovered that the crimes had been committed by a Czech pensioner who wanted to incite fear of muslim terrorist attacks in the Czech population. The man is currently in pre-trial detention. He has been charged with terrorist offences.

The Czech pensioner's attack on the trains provoked strong reactions on social networks from antiislamic xenophobes in the Czech Republic last year due to a campaign conducted by the well-known Czech anti-islamic activist Martin Konvička. He disseminated the information about the attacks and about the messages in Arabic, which were left on the scenes of the crime. He failed to mention that the Arabic used in the messages was garbled and that the messages were fake.

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