No country for EU citizens - an update

30. 8. 2019 / Tomasz Oryński

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An update for Tomasz Oryński's article No country for EU citizens

Update on this. Today I received a letter saying that I won't be able to backdate my claim. It has been explained that I can only backdate my claim if I tick the boxes of one of the conditions listed below. I happen to tick two of those boxes - second and fifth.

I called the call centre. First I had to listen to plenty of pre-recorded messages, then I was informed, that they have so high volume of calls that it could be better for me if I call on the other occasion, but if I am really desperate I can wait. I waited.

For 2 seconds, as I was put through to the consultant immediately. Apparently, it was yet another attempt to discourage people to fight for their rights.

I explained why I started my claim only on 8th of August - I was not feeling well before, and I was informed late that my SSP ends.

The guy on the line told me that this is because the people who make those decisions have no way to see all those documents I provided during my meetings in the JobCentre. I will have to set another meeting and show relevant documents again. 

I asked him, if that means that all this time I spent in JobCentre was for nothing, as despite I delivered tons of documents I now have to go there and show them to them again. He said, after some hesitation "essentially - YES".

So they openly admit, that the system is set to waste your time BY DESIGN.

Ah, and BTW: I haven't in fact received any letters or even e-mail. This document was simply updated to my Universal Credit account and if not for the fact that my partner got an e-mail about it (why her, if it's me who's claiming?), I would never know about it.



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