Czech President Zeman: "Muslims would not work, they only come for welfare payments"

19. 5. 2016

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During his visit to Moravia, Czech President Miloš Zeman criticised the European Union for having failed to defend its external borders. He warned again against a "flood of immigrants" and demanded that the police and the army be used agaist (non-existent) refugees in the Czech Republic. "Just look at what is happening in Germany and in Austria," said Zeman. He praised Hungary which has fought against the refugees by building fences and using tear gas and water cannon against them. As a result, the "Hungarian territory is now basically without migrants, most of them went to Germany in search of high social welfare payments". "Have no illusions, migrants do not come here to work, they come here to collect social welfare payments," said Zeman.

Source in Czech HERE

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