A court in Slovakia: Czech hate speech website Parlamentní listy must not be listed as a source of disinformation

24. 6. 2018

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Photo: "No one forces upon you what to think" A Parlamentní listy billboard in the Czech Republic

Using a "preliminary court order", the regional court in Bratislava, Slovakia, has ordered the Slovak website konspiratori.sk (Conspirators.sk) to stop listing the Czech hate speech Breitbart-like website Parlamentní listy as "untrustworthy" until the court reaches a final verdict in this matter.  Konspirátori.sk must also disable the software which automatically blocks advertising  from Parlamentní listy which users can include on their own websites. Earlier, courts in Slovakia have reached a final verdict that the Slovak version of Parlamentní listy (parlamentnilisty.sk) is trustworthy and must not be designated as a fake news website.

In this connection the Czech website Parlamentní listy reminds its readers that the Czech Interior Ministry does not list this website as a source of disinformation. 

Source in Czech HERE 

Both the Czech Republic and Slovakia have laws which punish incitement against minority ethnic and religious groups by prison terms up to three years' imprisonment.   Parlamentní listy has never been charged.

The following is a series of headlines published by Parlamentní listy:

- Colonel Skácel on 9/11: Two high rises could not have collapsed after being hit by airplanes. Absolute nonsense. Terrorism is a myth

- Europe will go black. Fuck it, swore citizens during a meeeting. And the Czech immigration boss suprised people "We do not moan, so we will be punished."

- Billions of immigrants. Horrifying chaos, conflicts, war and death and catastrophe in Europe. Someone is organising this!

- 100 million immigrants will arrive, according to estimates. This is the end of Europe. The government must rebel against the threats and the crude blackmail from the EU

- Sociologist Petr Hampl: We have the right to deal with the refugees as though they were aggressors. The traitors of the Czech nation are helping them to exterminate us like the whites have exterminated the Red Indians. The Czech Human Rights Ombudsman, she is the real neo-Nazi

- This is death. There will be bloody tragedies. Hatred of the Czechs, monstrous behaviour, treachery, suicide, collaborators, chaos

- Lord Mayor in a Berlin immigration quarter: The immigrants rule us with a rod of iron and terrorise German children, adults and pensioners. They teach their offspring to fight against us

- Disgusting, we must leave the EU. Czech politicians' reactions against the quotas



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